Apprenticeship Programmes at GTG - How To Apply

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How Do I Apply

Once you have had a look through the programmes available and chosen one that is suitable for you, the selection process for our Apprenticeship Programmes is simple:

  • Application reviewed by a member of our recruitment team to ensure your qualifications meet our entry requirements

If your initial enquiry is successful you will then be invited to attend a session with GTG which includes:

These tests are all paper based and are conducted under test conditions, with timescales set. If you successfully pass the tests you will be selected for a formal interview with a member of the GTG Recruitment team.

Based on successful completion of the above you will then be referred to our bank of employers who are interested in recruiting an apprentice. This referral will be sent to employers who are within reasonable travelling distance to your home address. If selected, the employer will also conduct a formal interview with you.

Interested? Apply for an Apprenticeship programme at GTG today